How we started...

After delivering some of our Bullying and Abuse training to people with learning disabilities we realised that some people understood the message we were trying to get across better if they were able to come up with their own ideas around bullying and scamming and act them out. People really enjoyed being part of this process and asked if they could do more.


People have loads more ideas for the future but sadly the funding has now run out, so we are trying to raise the funds not just to keep it going but to expand it and if we are successful the new project will be called The Taking Action Arts Project.

Donation amount

What do we do

We applied for an ‘Awards For All Lottery Grant’ to fund a one-year project to make peoples ideas come to life and as we were successful with our application The Taking Action Film Group was formed.

How we work

The group worked firstly on a short film about being scammed and called it Scam and Deliver.  Everyone had a part to play from coming up with ideas, learning to use the camera, writing the plot, directing each other as well as the many other jobs that needed to be done to make the film - everyone really enjoyed being part of this and most importantly everyone had loads of fun.

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